Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wilton Cake Decorating Class - Day 1 and 2 - Review

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 I finally got to attend my first cake decorating class and it was great! I had a great time and learnt a lot of new tricks which really helped me decorate my cake.

I wanted to do this post because I wanted to write about the class that is held here in Dubai. So I will give a play by play on what it is and what it contains...

The classes are offered by Tavola at Century Plaza in Jumeirah. I am presently doing Course 1, which costs AED 750 for four classes which are spread over 4 Saturdays. They have classes on weekdays too for those who are free on those days.

One the first day we were asked to bring a pencil and note pad. Our instructor is very nice and friendly. We were given a Wilton Student Kit (free of cost) which included a lot of stuff like essential tips, couplers, a spatula, parchment, practice board and sheets, icing bags etc.

The instructor showed us how to make butter cream with the Wilton recipe (super sweet made with Crisco!!) and also how to level and torte a cake. She then showed us how to crumb coat and ice the cake. She used the icer tip which is really cool and gives a great even coverage. We then learnt how to transfer a pattern on the cake using piping gel and decorate it. We practiced a few stars with our piping bags on cookies and just like that our three hours were up.
We were asked to bring a lot of stuff for the next class including a cake, icing etc. As soon as the class got over there was a mad scramble with people buying a whole lot of stuff. Most of the women want to do all the four classes so they purchased the big Wilton set which costs AED 500 approx. Since I am not planning on doing those courses I just picked a few things like the cake leveler (I am never letting you go my new best friend!!), icer tip and turn table. Tavola is a bit expensive so it’s better to search for these products elsewhere. I get my disposable icing bags really cheap at Daiso. Or if you have anyone coming from the U.S you can get it from there.

Day two came very quickly and we were all ready with our cakes and icing. The instructor checked our icing consistencies and if it was not right we were asked to add more sugar to it. I was the only one who had bought extra sugar to class and I handed it around. In the end I didn’t have enough for myself and had to work with a thin butter cream (picture my sad face here).

We leveled our cakes; crumb coated them and iced them. Since my icing was too soft I could not use the piping gel to transfer my design and had to draw it free hand. I somehow winged it and got the cupcake design (which was supposed to be a fish and I had made the colors accordingly but then had to change them to the cupcake colors and one of them turned super ugly! Long story!).

All in all, I learned a lot and am waiting for day three where we will be working on cupcakes.

I think this is a nice class to learn decorating essentials. I don’t like butter cream at all and I don’t think a cake can be iced this well with whipped cream frosting. So I will have to learn to work with it. Let’s see how it goes.

Class Details
What - Wilton Method Course 1 - Decorating Basics
Where - Tavola at Century Plaza (Not in Mercato) in Jumeirah.
When - Four Saturdays, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm. Also available on week days.
How much - AED 750 (includes Student Course Kit). Cost will go up by the time you buy a lot of other things.