Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wilton Course 1 - Class 3 and 4

I completed my Wilton course 1 last week and am happy that I don't have to make any more batches of Crisco butter cream!! Jokes aside, I have really learnt a lot of techniques from this class. Since I am left handed and write in a very weird way (for others) I have a lot of difficulty in holding the piping bag in the correct position. After this class I have learnt all the correct positions and the hands on experience has been really great.

In the third class we were asked to bring 6 un iced cupcakes, a filling and the usual batches of butter cream in different colours. We then learnt how to use different tips and make different flowers like the drop flowers, pom poms, shaggy mums etc. We also learned how  to fill cupcakes using a piping bag and tip (can't remember the name). We then learnt the Wilton swirl with the 1M tip (which I have done a million times before) and proceeded to decorate our cupcakes as we pleased.

 In the last class we were asked to bring an iced cake, prepped and ready to be decorated along with butter cream. We spent the whole class learning how to make a ribbon rose and it was a great challenge for me. The trick here is to hold the piping bag in the exact right position and you will get beautiful roses. If not, you are done for. I had to sacrifice a lot of roses in order to get a few right. We then decorated our cakes with the roses and did whatever we wanted for the borders. Since I was already using the petal tip, I wanted to do a ruffle cake. It took some time but it was worth it. The ruffles would look even prettier with a smoother icing.

We received our certificates at the end of the class and left with happy faces and lovely cakes!

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Happy Decorating!!


  1. wud love to know where in dubai did u take these classes from???

    1. Hi There, the classes are available at Tavola which is in Century Plaza in Jumeirah. You need to go there and register yourself.

  2. Hi,

    I planning to take the same classes in September. Could i know what is needed for all the 4 classes and have you taken their further classes?

    What does the big Wilton kit consist of?

    1. Hi Shoona

      You have to pay AED 750 for this class and they give you some basic stuff like essential tips, couplers, a spatula, parchment, practice board and sheets, icing bags that you need for this class in the kit. However, there are a lot of things that you will need to buy which the instructor herself will tell you on the first day. Your total expense will surely go to AED 1000. You can buy cheap icing bags at Daiso. Dont be tempted to buy a lot of stuff on the first day as many of particpants are!


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