The Daring Bakers Challenges

Here are all the Daring Bakers challenges that I have completed so far along with those that I missed-

September 2010 - Decorated Sugar Cookies

October 2010 - Doughnuts! - October was a very busy month and I had to miss this challenge. However I found a new found love in doughnuts (I rarely ate them before) and can't stop myself from gulping down two-three at one go!! Do check out the recipe and the lovely creations of the other bakers.

November 2010 - Crostata

December 2010 - Stollen Wreath

April 2011 - Maple Mousse in Edible Containers - I skipped this challenge as I am not a big fan of mousse and I knew no one else would eat this at home.

May 2011 - Marquise on Meringue - I had to sit this one out as I had surgery in the month of May and was on bed rest.

June 2011 - Baklava

July 2011 - Mango Fraisier

August 2011 - August was Ramadan and we would never eat the Chocolate and Candy. So I had to skip it .

September 2011 - Though I love croissants I was a bit distracted this month and did not make them. I wish I would have tried it though.

October 2011 - Povitica