Sunday, June 6, 2010

Creamy Mashed or These Will Make Your Hips Wider Potatoes

A few days back when I reached home from work I saw a huge bag of potatoes on the kitchen counter. This is the conversation that followed:

Me - Where did these come from?

Latif - I ordered them from the grocery along with my cigarettes.

Me (starting to fume) - Exactly how much did you order?

Latif - Only 2 kgs.

By now I had lost it. You see, I never buy more than ½ a kilo of potatoes at a time as I don’t use too much of them and this guy had happily gone and ordered so much.

Me – What am I supposed to do with so many potatoes?

Latif – Make mashed potatoes. I want mashed potatoes.

I was stumped. Never had my husband asked for anything like this and never having made mashed potatoes for him I was a bit puzzled at this sudden request. Well, as I did have to start using the big mound I went off to The Pioneer Woman’s website where I had seen a delicious looking recipe. And delicious it was!! My oh my, these potatoes are amazing. I did reduce the quantities of butter, cheese and cream as I found them a bit too much but even then they were great. I can imagine what the original quantities would taste like. I used only three medium sized potatoes and it was more than enough for the two of us. Also, as we ate them immediately after cooking I think the oven step is not needed. I preferred them before they went in the oven as they became a little dry. This could be because there was lesser cheese and cream in them than in the original recipe. Whatever way you make these, they are going to be absolutely fantastic! 

Here is the recipe at the Pioneer Woman website.

Happy Eating!!

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  1. Awesome! Well I m gonna use Latif's trick one day :-). Not sure if Im gonna b that lucky though :-)


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