Sunday, December 27, 2009

3 Idiots and a bag of popcorn

I love eating theatre popcorn. What is theatre popcorn you ask? Well, its popcorn made by heaps and eaten while watching movies!! I absolutely love caramel popcorn. The warm, crispy, sweet temptation always makes me happy (along with a sugar overdose) and completes my movie experience. I saw a recipe for it on Annie's Eats and hopefully when I have kids [to share the guilt with ;)] I will enjoy making and eating this with them.
Yesterday we went see 3 Idiots. Going in at 10:30 pm we came out only by 1:45 am (phew). It was a long movie but well worth the time and money! Total Paisa Vasool!!! I was actually holding my sides and laughing in a few scenes. The film has done a refreshing take to show what is wrong in our education system. The mindless lectures without understanding, by rote learning and even sensitive topics such as student suicide and ragging. I hope by watching this movie students do learn that getting good grades and coming first is not the only thing. Its the experience that matters and what you eventually gain from it. Yes, I did get good grades in college and was one of the top three ranks but I was very lucky to study in a college that belied conventional means of teaching. We had only 12 students per class and instead of lecturing us our professors believed in group discussions, brainstorming and seminars by the students themselves.
After finishing my degree I emerged as a much more rounded individual who thoroughly enjoyed her 3 years of college.
Well, enough of my banter for now. Make sure you watch this movie as it is truly an enjoyable one. And don't forget that bag of popcorn. Theatre popcorn to be exact :)

Happy Eating!!!

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