Thursday, December 24, 2009


I have a love - hate relationship with food. You see, I love eating. But I hate the mountain of calories that I have to deal with (or not) every time something goes down my throat (which is very often). Well this relationship started long ago thanks to my mother (who is a fantastic cook by the way) who would make yummylicious food for my family of seven. Our house would always smell amazing with rich aromas wafting through the air. My mom loves to cook and will make sure each dish is prepared lovingly with utmost care. I however do not have her patience but do love cooking (sometimes) and baking.

Often at night I start thinking about what I will bake next, whether I have all the ingredients or not and who will eat the big batch of cookies or cupcakes that I will make (of course I could eat them all by myself, hee hee). When we moved into our new place with a bigger kitchen (by big I mean comparatively to the previous one) the first thing I did was to get myself a baking corner. I bought all new cake pans, cute little measuring cups and spoons, a cookie sheet, muffin pan and even a Philips stand mixer. Of course my dreams are made of a Kitchen Aid (all red and shiny) standing proudly on my kitchen counter but (‘sigh’) I will have to make do with the Philips for now.

I know that I am still a baby in the world of baking having just skimmed the surface in the past two years. I do have a long way to go and I would love to take you with me through my journey. I will be trying Peanut Butter Blossoms this weekend and lets just hope I get post worthy results.

Happy Eating!!


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  1. Hey Sana, good going. I love what you are the way... please bake some of those cookies and bring them when u are coming in Jan...and try some sugar free ones...u know why i said that...


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