Thursday, February 11, 2010

Of exams and fun times...

Alas my fun filled days are over and its back to the grind… boarding the plane from Bangalore I had a sad face (yes I do have a sad and happy face.. lol) and couldn’t bear to think of the boring life out here. “sigh” here I am back at home, back to the chores and the cooking (cooking = no , baking = yes!!) and of course WORK!!

Our time in B’lore was so much fun. Although I had gone there to write the last semester exams of my PG diploma most of my time was spent meeting friends, shopping and having a blast Hmm.. Anyways, the exams were umm ..ahh.. cough cough “OK” now I am sure you know what OK means. you know.. You get the drift right? So let’s leave it at that.

One of the first things we noticed on landing there is how expensive the city has become. Food prices, rickshaw charges everything has gone up. How do people who earn in rupees afford good lifestyles there? Is there a secret to which we are not privy yet? Moreover, there were sales everywhere!! I lift my head up and there is a sale board.. I look left – sale! I look right – sale! It’s like the entire city was conspiring against me to lighten the load of my pockets! And lighten it did. Boy, even though I didn’t shop much (cough) we sure spent a lot of money (on what I honestly don’t know!).                                    
This was our first vacation together (can you believe this) since we got married so it was double fun. We stayed at a really stupid hotel (booked on the internet from here) but luckily they gave free WiFi 24 hours of the day! What can be better than free WiFi I ask? Uhh maybe free food? No? Ok. :(
I stayed at one of my friends places for a day and he wanted me to bake him something but unfortunately he didn’t have an oven!!! Yeah right! What is a girl supposed to do? So I offered to cook something and he wanted biryani. Now I can make a fairly decent biryani and decided what the heck, this should be easy. With my two trustful helpers (my best friend and his wife) the kitchen was soon buzzing. Fate alas had other plans for me.. You see, I am so used to cooking a certain way and with particular spices and utensils that I just couldn’t get the hang of things in his kitchen. And the biryani? Let’s just not talk about it ok? Lets forget it ever happened.. Oh and yeah I tried to make my no bake cheesecake as well… since one of the primary ingredients i.e, whipped cream was missing from it (you don’t get whipped cream in B'LORE!! I am never going to settle in India NEVER) the cheesecake was well.. Let’s forget about that also ok? Good!! I have vowed never again to cook anything in someone else’s kitchen. Life is just not fair at all times..

But!! I did get to meet my family and that was good. We went shopping and out for dinner and I just lazed around for a week.. yippee..

The Beach Near My House

So, coming back to the present. Something’s up on the 14th …no I am not excited about V day but about my anniversary!! My second wedding anniversary to be precise. Yes, I did get married on 14th Feb. (not intentionally though) and I have good reason to celebrate! I plan to make cute little mini cupcakes in cute little pink wrappers sprinkled with pink decorations I bought the other day.. Will post them soon!

Till then, Happy Eating!!

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