Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cupcake Pops!

What are cupcake pops you ask? If you live in the blog world then you have surely heard of Bakerella. The creator of all things cute and tiny. Cake pops are nothing but cake and frosting mixed together, rolled into little balls and coated in chocolate. The result is a delicious fudgy mini treat. So, after seeing them on endless blogs I finally gave in and made these cute little buggers. I am working on a birthday cake for my nephew and had a lot of cake left after cutting the design out. I immediately thought of making these as the thought of making one big cake and crumbling the entire thing just did not go down well with me. The Hershey's cake was perfect for this as I got wonderful crumbs in the food processor. I added a dollop of the Betty Crocker vanilla frosting and I had the perfect consistency to make the balls.

A quick chill in the fridge and these were ready to shape. I couldn't find candy melts anywhere here, so I made some ganache with semi-sweet chocolate chips and dipped the bottom part in it (The ganache will not harden like the chocolate so these need to be kept in the fridge if it becomes too soft). For the top I used white chocolate thinned with vegetable oil and tinted with gel paste colours. The pops were finished with sprinkles and a mini m & m.

I packed them using small cellophane bags, tied a ribbon and 'planted' them in a small pot filled with rice. Ta da! A cute treat ready to wow everyone.

For a complete tutorial on how to make these check these links

The cupcake pops creator - Bakerella
Video on MarthaStewart.com

I am submitting these pops to Virtual Party - Chocolatey Dreams (An event hosted by From My Home Kitchen)

Happy Eating!!


  1. So cute and damn pretty pops..

  2. wow so cute n delicious cupcake pos ..beautiful presentation


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