Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another year is over...

The year has come to an end and I look forward to a new beginning. Though this year was not very eventful it surely had its ups and downs.

He looks so adorable... Love this pic of his (yeah pls ignore the chubby lady)

Well, first we decided that we want to start a family!! Yay!! So we are trying and let’s see how that goes... (With sufficient pressure coming from all the relatives and 'well wishers' ahem...)
We moved into our new place (rented) and spend a good time decorating it to our satisfaction and are glad with the results. The gardens are pure heaven in this part of the world for someone who loves greenery. It’s so peaceful and serene at nights. I just love to take a walk in the big ground with Latif. Of course we still haven’t made use of any of the fantastic facilities there but we are still happy about the place.
On the job front things are very dicey. While I still have my job, hubby unfortunately lost his and is in a bit of a funk lately... Or maybe he is just pretending so that I give him a lot of love!! he he.. The recession did affect a lot of people much worse than it hit us and I am thankful that we are at least on better grounds than most.
And of course I managed not to lose a single kilo which I had promised myself coz I have happily managed to gain a LOT of unwanted weight :( I am planning to cut off meat and poultry from my diet for some time and focus on eating more veggies coz yesterday when I went grocery shopping I realized I just didn’t cook enough vegetarian food. There are so many vegetables available in the market and I hardly bring them home citing the same reason every time that I don’t know how to cook them. (Of course you don’t know that you dumb A**). So, I am going to buy new kinds of veggies and try to cook up good healthy stuff. Hopefully that will help me with some weight loss.
Otherwise All izz well (haha corny I know, but can't help it) and look forward to a good year of blogging. Cheers!! And yeah.. Happy Eating :-)

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